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Corporate Social Responsibility

The idea behind Corporate Social Responsibility is to persuade organisations to take into consideration the welfare of society in general.  This is ensured by taking accountability for the bearings which actions conducted by the organisation may have on: employees, customers, communities, shareholders and the environment in all aspects of its operations. This responsibility should go beyond the statutory obligation to abide by with legislation.  The idea is that companies adopt the concept of CSR on a voluntary basis, so as to improve the employee’s way of life as well as that of their families, the community and society in general.

VAT Refund

 The Maltese Government offers the attractive incentive of refunding VAT paid on Conference Business for the following items: electricity supply; hire of conference/syndicate rooms for conferences; telephone services or services/use of internet; services of hostesses at the airport and/or at conference venue; security services in hotel and use of technicians; technical equipment used during a conference; food and drink during a conference like coffee breaks, mineral water, lunches; food and drink in hotels forming part of an accommodation package; transfers airport/hotel/airport; accommodation.